Experience Cracow

Wieliczka salt mine tours
Did you ever thought of coming to Cracow? Do you have any idea about Poland? If you haven’t yet, definitely it is worth to come there and sightsee this beautiful spot! Cracow is the city in Poland, in which historic places mix with modern ones. There are a lot of green spots, old monuments and museums with interesting exhibitions. It it worth to remember, that centuries ago Cracow was a capital city of Poland. The city still stick to the tradition of drinking beer, which is a duty at social situations. There are also a lot places around the city, which are worth to know. One of most popular is Wieliczka. We can recommened it with a guarantee of satisfaction. The town is located really close from Cracow (just about 20 km), so it’s easy to get there by publick transport, like a bus or a train. The city was located in XVIIth century and it’s still growing nowadays. Wieliczka is symbol of polish history – it used to be a target for armies of polish neighbour countries. Because of it’s location (close to Cracow, polish capital city back then), it was military very significant. But today the town is mostly popular not because of old building, but more because of old salt mine. Did you know, that it was one of oldest salt mines in the whole Europe? It’s definitely worth seeing! Remember to book Wieliczka salt mine tours throught the Internet, because it is cheaper. If you come there, you can feel the history surrounding you. Just imagine, you could be a real miner back then! Isn’t it great? Don’t hestitate, experience Wieliczka salt mine!